Top Celebrity Grooming Rules Any Man Should Stand By

Top celebrity grooming rules any man should stand by

Here at Admiral Grooming, we think that it’s about time to start dispelling the myth that men don’t spend a lot of time on their appearance and to do this, we’ve taken some of the best grooming tips from some of the world’s most well-known celebs.

Don’t be afraid to skip a shampoo

You might not rate his movies, but everyone knows that Zac Efron’s hair is the stuff of legend. To create such a perfectly tousled mane, the actor says that you shouldn’t be afraid to skip a shampoo every now and again.

Find your own signature scent

According to Ryan Reynolds, the biggest grooming lesson for any man is to find your signature scent. According to this Deadpool star, you should never rely on someone else to choose your scent for you, no matter how many bottles of fragrance you need to go through to find one that suits you perfectly.

Keep your favourite brands in rotation

One way to stick to your skin regimen is to make sure you keep your favourite brands in rotation. According to Sean Combs, you should stock your bathroom cabinet with rejuvenating and hydrating serums that you know can get to work on your skin.

Try something unconventional

In an attempt to shoot down anyone who’s accused him of getting Botox injections in the past, TV host Ryan Seacrest has admitted he’s partial to putting sheep placenta around his eyes to retain his boyish good looks. Some research has suggested that sheep placenta actually contains vitamins and nutrients that can help boost your immune system and moderate your hormones, both aiding in younger looking skin.

Invest in a good moisturiser

According to comedian Kevin Hart, “your face is your money” so it’s important to take care of it. Hart doesn’t mess around when it comes to his skin, using a luxe scrub and a replenishing moisturiser every day.

It’s not all about your face

Everyone’s favourite Latin singer Ricky Martin regularly posts his self-care sessions on Instagram, including advice on how to take care of the skin on your hands. After all, your hands can age just as much as your face. Ricky multi-masks with sheets aimed at hands, lips and face rejuvenation to keep his mitts soft.

Don’t underestimate the importance of beard grooming

Jared Leto is known for his outlandish style and this sometimes even includes the facial hair that he chooses to don. To make sure his beard stays soft, he makes sure to stay well-stocked with beard grooming products that help him to style it as outrageously as he wishes. Of course, his style can often be difficult for the average Joe to pull off.

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