Grooming Tips to Live By

If you are currently in your 20s, your skin and body are probably in peak condition. After all, you’ve likely said goodbye to your days of nasty acne, but haven’t accumulated too many wrinkles or grey hairs. Still, none of this would excuse you slacking on your grooming regime.

Pick up healthy habits now, and you could see rewards not only now, but even ten or twenty years later. Here are some tips that can help yourself to look healthy and young for longer.

Slap on sunscreen every day

Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen shouldn’t just be applied during bright and warm weather; even during a bitterly cold winter, UV radiation can continue damaging and ageing your skin.

It’d be wise for you to apply some sun protection every morning, reveals GQ – whatever the weather or season. It’s especially crucial that you do this in your 30s when your skin begins losing its natural collagen and hyaluronic acid which keep it taut and full notes Men’s Health.

Get more active

While regularly exercising has various well-documented merits, you might not have realised how beneficial it can be for your skin and hair specifically.

Vigorously exercising drives up the heart rate and so supplies more oxygen to the skin. As a result, the health of collagen-producing skin cells is better preserved in later life. Exercise can also be an effective stress-buster, which has its own benefits, as we will further detail…

Try keeping your stress levels in check

Research has linked stress with a huge range of health problems – even heart attack and stroke. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise that it also wreaks havoc on skin and hair. Stress can, for example, irritate your skin or make it more oily.

All of this means that it is in your interest to, as much as you can, avoid stress – or, at least, keep a grip on it. Maybe it’s a good time for that relaxing beach holiday…

Act to reduce gauntness in your 40s

During your 30s, you might feel like you are still in your 20s until you turn 39. Then, gravity could start having more evident effects on your body.

This is because, as you get older, the ligaments beneath the surface of your skin can loosen. As these ligaments secure your skin to bone and muscle layers, you could start looking noticeably gaunter. Still, you can help yourself counter this by eating and resting well.

Use the right products before and after shaving

Though shaving each morning is obviously necessary for a man seeking to prevent stubble or beard, it can somewhat damage the skin due to how physically close the sharp metal needs to be.

You could still minimise this damage by using our Admiral Clean Shave Set. One of several male grooming sets we offer, it includes a Nourishing Beard Oil that can be used as a pre-shave oil. Also included is a Hydrate & Repair Shave Cream for repairing and hydrating skin that might have incurred damage during shaving.

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