What are the benefits of your ingredients?


Used in: Anti-Ageing Eye Serum

Pomegranate extract provides the skin with Vitamin C, Folic Acid and Polyphenols, giving skin a youthful look and protecting it from day to day harsh environmental stressors.


Used in: Antioxidant Moisturising Balm

The Artichoke extract included in this product is used as a regenerating ingredient, diminishing any toxins and calming down any inflamed skin, reducing the redness on the skins surface.

Botanical Oils & Waxes

Used in: Conditioning Beard Balm

Botanical oils and waxes such as Coconut, Soybean, Sweet Almond, Lemon Tea Tree and Seabuckthorn oils, and Beeswax are all full of beneficial properties each designed to contribute to the well-being and health of skin.


Used in: Detoxifying Facial Scrub

Cucumber extract consists of antioxidants and silica that are known to rejuvenate skin, having a cooling and soothing effect for those who suffer with sensitive or irritated skin after shaving.


Used in: Hydrate & Repair Shave Cream

Kale Extract is a rich source of Beta-Carotene, Vitamin C, K, B, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Potassium and Antioxidants. Ultimately when the product is applied all these ingredients contribute to the complete hydration of skin.


Used in: Hydrate & Shine 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner, Soothing Beard Wash

Avocado has benefits to both the skin and hair, Benefits for the hair include hydrating the scalp and preserving the hairs youthfulness. Skincare benefits include reducing redness, discomfort and dehydration.


Used in: Matte Hair Moulding Paste

Basil Extract helps protect and soothe your scalp whilst making your hair look great at the same time!

Black Quinoa

Used in: Moisturising Body Wash

Black Quinoa which is a gluten-free seed and a well known super food that has many benefits. Some benefits include keeping the skin youthful, bright and glowing.


Used in: Nourishing Beard Oil

Olive extract packs in extra nourishing benefits so you can really feel the softness in your skin. It’s also loaded with anti-ageing oxidants, which is renowned for keeping skin youthful and healthy.


What is the best skincare routine?
  • Wash – Wash with warm water & face wash – don’t use bar soap as they tend to dry out the face more, which make skin drier and makes shaves less comfortable. It also makes you more prone to breakouts.
  • Tone – Toner adjusts your skin’s pH balance post-cleanse. The pH level of the skin refers to how acidic or alkaline it is.
  • Eye cream – Eye cream reduces puffiness and fluid build-up.
  • Moisturise – Moisturising helps to keep your skin healthy and youthful.
What's the best way to wash my hair?
  • Don’t over wash – Wash don’t repeat! Limit washing to twice or thrice a week and always condition your hair.
  • Dry gently – Pat dry it to avoid stress on scalp.
  • Protect from chlorine – To protect your hair from harmful effects of chlorine is to wet your hair with clean water and apply a mild conditioner before you step in into a pool.
  • Stay healthy – Your hair health is a reflection of your lifestyle. Hair care for men means you need to eat well, get plenty of exercise, drink water, get enough sleep and try to stay positive.
How do I maintain my beard?
  • Know how and when to trim – Pruning is vital to a well groomed beard – even if you plan on growing it out.
  • Wash it regularly – Trapped food and skin cells can make it more irritating. Scrub your beard several times a week.
  • Beard oil – Nothing tames a beard like regular use of beard oil.
  • Train your beard – A regular trim just isn’t enough. Daily brushing/combing will train stubborn hairs to grow downwards
  • Vitamins – Your beard is reliant on Vitamins. That means lean meats, nuts, egg yolks, milk, and plenty of leafy greens.