The Best Gifts to Surprise Your Boyfriend This Christmas

Choosing the right festive presents for a man can be difficult. Your boyfriend might even insist that he doesn’t need any – perhaps because, whenever he has wanted something, he has simply gone and bought it with his own money. So, finding the right present might require some careful thinking.

It might even require a bit of espionage on your part; however, here are some examples of gifts that can go down well with many different types of men while still genuinely surprising them.

Google Home Mini

Thanks to the success of smart speakers like the Amazon Echo, talking to your home has never seemed more fashionable. Google took on Amazon by releasing the competing Google Home speaker – and, this year, released a much smaller and cheaper version, the Google Home Mini.

Visually reminiscent of a giant Smartie, the Mini is available in the colour of chalk or charcoal and would let your man bark orders to control his home… and all for just £49, The Telegraph reports.

Fitbit Ionic

If your man likes keeping fit, you might have considered getting him a fitness band. However, he should be very appreciative if, rather than picking up a rudimentary band from a bargain bin, you invest in Fitbit’s most technologically sophisticated fitness gadget: the Fitbit Ionic.

As well as including many of the fitness tracking features you would expect from a Fitbit band, the Ionic lets wearers record their swimming progress and receive call alerts. You can get it for £299.

Velvet jacket

Your man can be “the little gentlemen in velvet” – and so follow in the fashion footsteps of stars including Ryan Gosling and Matthew McConaughey, who have publicly sported velvet blazers.

You can purchase a soft velvet evening jacket for £59.99 from the clothing brand Reserved, though be careful to choose the correct size. After all, the snugness with which the jacket fits your boyfriend’s body will affect how well he can carry off the look, reports the London Evening Standard.

Root 7 Corkcicle

A wine chiller might seem like an obvious choice of present for your boyfriend if he enjoys a drink from time to time, but you might not have realised that it’s possible to place a chiller inside the wine bottle itself. How could it possibly fit in? If it’s the Root 7 Corkcicle…

If the name doesn’t give it away, this is an implement that even includes a cork, allowing the main plastic body to be frozen and then placed inside the bottle.

The Corkcicle is £14.95 from John Lewis; Mirror has hailed it as “perfect for dinner parties, drinks with friends or just unwinding after a long day”.

Admiral Daily Essentials Trio

An ideal 3-in-1 gift for helping your boyfriend look great. Included is a moisturising body wash, combined shampoo and conditioner, and – for treating skin that might have become irritated from shaving – antioxidant moisturising balm.

Our Daily Essentials Trio is just one of our many Christmas gift sets for effective grooming.

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