The Best Beards In Movies

The Best Beards in Movies

There are a lot of different things we can take inspiration from. Whether we see someone in a movie who acts a certain way, dresses a certain way, or even styles their beard a certain way. Of course, some are more recognisable than others! Here are 7 of our choices for the best beards in movies!

Hans Gruber – Die Hard (1988)

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, Die Hard is 2 hours and 12 minutes of pure GOLD and possibly the best Christmas film ever made. That’s right. Christmas film.
Studies have shown that beards send the message of dominance, and in this case, it would be true, considering Hans is the only guy on his team of terrorists with any facial hair.

Clint Eastwood – The Man with No Name Trilogy

One of the most iconic cowboys of all time. Shrouded in mystery, Eastwood’s “Man With No Name” (often referred to as “Joe”) relies heavily on movements, to ensure his characters enigmatic nature. Clint Eastwood’s beard in “The Man with No Name Trilogy” reflects his character’s personality perfectly. Rough and Grizzly.

Tony Stark – Iron Man

Precision, am I right?
I bet if you looked real close, you wouldn’t be able to see a single hair out of place on that bad boy.
A clean and clearly constructed design, this beard took a lot of concentration. Men with beards are generally perceived to be more trustworthy, which is all the more true if you’re Iron Man.

Calvin J Candie – Django Unchained

Look at that. What a naughty man. This beard just screams “Oh hey, I own a plantation and like to watch slaves fight to the death”. Well not really, but for Leonardo Di Caprio’s “Calvin J. Candie” in Django Unchained, that statement rings true. This beard looks like it’s been kept and maintained… once There’s just something completely off about this guy and his appearance in general. And with just cause!

Dumbledore 2.0 – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2

When Richard Harris passed away after the second instalment of the Harry Potter franchise, the question as to who would replace him was on everyone’s lips. Enter Michael Gambon. The character had a complete overhaul. Changing his dress robes, demeanour and banging a… bobble… or one of those things you use to keep curtains tied away, in his beard. Beard jewellery/accessorising before it was cool… which is because it has never been cool. But in this case, we’ll allow it ‘cause Dumbledore.

Alan Garner – The Hangover

This perfectly kept beard just contributes to Zach Galifinakis’ “Alan’s” peculiarity. It just adds to the fact that this character is hilarious. It’s so OVER-LY beardy it’s unheard of! It’s truly a great beard for so many reasons, not all of them good but they all serve to make Alan an unforgettable comedy LEGEND.

Obi Wan Kenobi – Revenge of The Sith

Hello there!
Arguably one of the best beards on the silver screen EVER. It’s almost overgrown and yet its kept so neat! Fantastic. The perfect beard for displaying your wisdom and experience to any young apprentices or padawans.

Honourable Mentions

Davy Jones – Pirates of the Caribbean

Tentacle beard. It lives, it moves, it wins.

The hermit – Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Ah, the classic 2 in 1. The reversible jacket. Shampoo & Conditioner. The washer/dryer. The… Beard… suit?

Chewbacca – Star Wars

Chewbacca is all beard. And that counts.
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