7 Memorable Haircuts From Footballing History

On the biggest stage in the world, it’s important to stand out. Whether this is done through superior footballing ability, an insane haircut that under any other circumstance could see you sectioned or even a combination of the two is entirely up to you. What matters the most is that, for better or for worse, people will remember you. Here are some of our favourite do’s that have secured the legacy of footballers irrespective of their skill and coordination (or lack thereof) on the pitch.

Bacary Sagna – DREAD-locks

Seemingly trying to deflect the national disappointment having failed to progress from the group stages in South Africa from the team to his hair, Bacary Sagna is one of the first and only proponents of a bleached middle-part braid.

Ronaldo – Windscreen

Undoubtedly one of the greatest talents to ever step foot onto a football pitch, eyebrows were raised when Ronaldo emerged with the weight of a nation’s footballing hopes on his shoulders despite what can only be assumed as suffering an electrical outage during a routine head shaving. Fortunately, it didn’t affect the Brazilian’s performances, and he later stated his unusual windscreen style hair cut was intended to distract media conversation about an injury he’d sustained to his leg prior to the tournament. It worked.

Rodrigo Palacio – Rat Tail

A man who plays football with what is essentially a leash attached to the back of his head runs the risk of having it grabbed and pulled by the opposition. This makes Rodrigo Palacio the single bravest and most fearless footballer of all time.


Asamoah Gyan – To The Power of 3

It’s all well and good having your number on the back of your shirt, on your shorts, on your training tops and bottoms, attached to all television and print promotional material associated with you as well as having played in several tournaments for Ghana and being the country’s all-time record goal scorer whilst wearing that number. But what about close ups? Asamoah Gyan deftly solved this problem by shaving and bleaching a large number 3 into the side of his head.

Chris Waddle – Mullet

No list of haircuts, footballing related or not, would be complete without Chris Waddle. His mullet has safely cemented his place in the national psyche since it’s outings in the 80’s and 90’s, a perfect representation of his hardworking approach combined with flowing style and skill.


Rene Higuita – Acceptable in the 80’s

To earn the nickname “El-Loco” in the Columbian national side during the 80’s takes some doing, but none have earned that title quite like Rene Higuita. With his unconventional sweeper-keeper style and flair for the flamboyant, including a scorpion kick off the goal line when a simple catch would have sufficed, perhaps most impressive is his ability to perform his theatrics while being weighed down by at least 14 lbs of hair.

Carlos Valderrama – Power surge

Regarded by most as Columbia’s greatest ever player and one of the best South American footballers of all time, Carlos Valderrama’s elegance, skill and precise passing was only eclipsed by his enormous blonde hair which he still keeps maintained in all of it’s 80’s glory to this day. Thanks to this, he will forever be one of the most instantly recognisable footballers of all time.



These memorable hair styles prove that you don’t have to choose style over substance – you can have both. While you may or may not be rocking a huge blonde afro in front of millions of viewers around the world, there’s still no reason you can’t make your style your own like these heroes did with our haircare products.