6 things that Dad would really like for Father’s day

Dad always pretends he doesn’t want anything and doesn’t want any attention… but he’s lying.

We all like a little attention every now and again but you may not know that the presents he would prefer are not in the shape of yet another ‘best dad ever’ mug or slippers.

After a survey of several of stressed and tired fathers, we’ve come up with a definitive list of presents that could results with him lying on the ground and crying with joy.

Most of these suggestions also mean you don’t have to spend a penny!

Mums, feel free to comment below if you feel they don’t deserve these treasures and Dads, feel free to jump to the defence of overtired fathers everywhere (but prepare for some serious gift giving on Mother’s Day).

A lie in. Just once, he’d like to peel himself out of bed around midday. Yes, the kids can bounce all over him afterwards but a fortress of solitude to snore away for an extra couple of hours would be a surprise gift he would usually be happy to pay cash for.

2 hours to watch a film you would hate. An undisturbed window of a couple of hours to watch Predator or Aliens or the new film everyone is banging on about in the office would put a smile on the old man’s face. Please note – This is only a present if he is left alone during this time with no one talking over the film or asking, ‘who is that’ or ‘what is the point of this film?’

Presents / Days out for Mum and the kids. Yep. He wants this. Why not spend the money you would spend on him on a fun day out for Mum and the kids instead? That day of being left by himself with the world as his oyster would be priceless.

Something we used to play with. As you might have noticed during sporting events, most fully-grown men are essentially overly hairy little boys. Why not give them something they used to love that will bring them back to a time without responsibilities and stress? An album? A comic? A model train? A nostalgic film? Whatever it is that brings them back to those days will give them a smile on their face. This one might need a little research with his Mum.

A pint. Yes, his mates are generally a pain in the backside but why not let him meet up with those morons for a couple of hours. WARNING – It is reasonable to add a time limit or a limit of units consumed to this present as this gift could suddenly become a nightmare for yourself when you find him sleeping in the hallway. The fact that you let him go for just one would still be appreciated!

Something that helps them look, feel and smell better. Since the dawn of the metrosexual male and the hipster, less and less of us are set in our ways and would prefer a little pampering to make us feel good (and dare we say, young). Skin care products, Beard grooming oils, anti-aging serums, hair styling pastes etc are all loved by the modern dad. Why not pick them up at www.admiralgrooming.co.uk – and for Fathers Day, when you buy one, you get another absolutely free!

Yes, he will never know the level of multitasking and problem solving that a mother soars to everyday but if the big idiot works hard and is a good dad then why not give him one (or several of the above) to put a smile on his face this Father’s Day.